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We are a corona virus-free campus. All enrollment applications are completed online. We require that all guests requesting information about the courses and enrollment to schedule an appointment before arriving on grounds. Also, make sure you have completed your pre-enrollment application and have received a confirmation from the school of your appointment. Wearing a face covering is a must. This is for the safety of our on-ground students and staff. We reserve the right to refuse entrance for anyone not in compliance. 


Don't forget to take full advantage of the Monthly tuition reduction while it is available. Limited time. It will be gone without notice so do not delay if you could use the break in tuition payments.

Now Enrolling Fall/Spring Classes 
*October-April 2024 
Start the year off right.

Students must make sure all their documents have been signed and returned to their enrollment specialist. Also, all down payments on the student account must be current 3-weeks prior to class start date. This will prevent delays in starting class and delivery of any and all materials or equipment.

Takes: Skills and Knowledge

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Go beyond and learn more than the basics of cutting and styling hair. Through barbering, you can help build confidence and self-esteem in men and women. Be the Change you want to see at UnCut Barber Academy Inc. in Savannah, Georgia. We have an excellent curriculum combined with online and on grounds learning experiences for those interested in becoming a Master Barber.



Our country has experienced a world change and is evolving through the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has caused businesses to innovate. Therefore, in order to keep everyone safe, we offer small manageable classes with social distancing and face-covering requirements. Our classes have very limited spacing, so don't delay enrollment.

Classes are 3-12-Months

 Master Barber Course (1500 Hours)

> Financing Available <

**Full quarterly tuition is due at the time of enrollment

If the student is unable to make the full payment all students qualify to make monthly installments on their tuition cost.


Labor Day
New Year




According to the State Board of Barbering, before rendering clinical services. Each student must obtain 280 total hours of theory training. These hours are completed online within the 1st quarter before the student is allowed to move to on the floor and perform service on live patrons.


Master Barber

This course is a combination of the combining of the cosmetology and barbering boards. It includes shaving, trimming of the beard, Cutting or dressing the hair, facial or scalp massages, scalp treatment with oils, etc..., singeing and shampooing the hair, coloring the hair and beard, permanently waving, relaxing, straightening the hair. Upon completion of this course, the student will receive a Diploma.

Duration: 9-12, months or 1500 hours

Barber Cross-Over

This course is for a master cosmetologist looking to venture into barbering.

Duration: 3-5 months or 300 hours

Barber II

This course includes Hair and Scalp Treatments, women/men hair styling, shampooing, conditioning, shaving (proper handling technique of straight razor learning the fourteen (14) Stroke process, facials, hair designs, waxing, and additional instructions at the discretion of the instructor. Upon completion of this course, the student will receive a Certificate.

190 curriculum hours + 950 practical hours = 1140 hours

Duration: 7 months or 1140 hours 

Barber Instructor

This is offered for those with a valid barbering license in the state of Georgia and are aspiring to teach upcoming future barber professionals (FBP) at our school. Candidate must 

possess a current Georgia Master Barber License; must be proficient in the basic barber-styling

skills which include clipper cutting, shear-over fingers, and shear-over comb cutting techniques, proficient

in shaving procedures and techniques, facial massage and

treatment and must possess basic skills in hair rolling with cold

wave rods. Prior experience required: Must have 1-year work experience in barbering. Great computer skills in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, LMS, Zoom/Google video conference. This is not a paid position for instructor students in training.   

 Duration: (12 mos. and 750 hours)  

PSI Training

This course is about theory and practical for those who have completed

barbering school and need to be tutored before taking their test. There are 2 mock PSI tests given to do an assessment. They are called the practical test (where you must perform your skills while being timed) and the theory test (In front of a computer where you must show knowledge in the barbering industry). It will let the student know the target areas they must study before taking their Georgia state board PSI Exams.

Duration: ( 4 days or 10 hours)

Financing Available (No-Credit Check Required)

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Make your Initial Deposit thru UBA and make monthly payments through Denefits Financial Services as laid out below.

Varies Options Available for financing from 9 up to 36 months. 

Please discuss the down payment options available for you with your school's financing official. 

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"Be the Change you ​Want to See"

It is always the easiest to talk about what another person could have done to impact a situation differently, but what CAN YOU DO?

About Our Barber School 

Our school is a diverse culture where students are encouraged to show their individualism. We train adults to become skilled barbers by giving them the freedom to learn at their own pace without micromanaging in a fun but structured environment. The school is non-traditional where we assist the students in developing a realistic schedule to complete his/her program while still maintaining a work-life balance.  This balance is strongly encouraged due to the fatigued and overworked schedule our industry can suffer. To be the best and to maintain great service to customers, we must take care of our minds, body, & spirit. One can not be a success without incorporating these attributes of winners. 

The school service many parts of Georgia Hinesville, Midway, Jesup, Brunswick & Statesboro to name a few. We also reach South Carolina surrounding areas like Hardeeville, Ridgeland, Bluffton, and Beaufort. The eclectic group of learners brings embedded talent with the desire to hold a barber license with the Secretary of the State of Georgia where they will have the ability to go towards any heights from that point. 

We are equipped with many up-to-date/modern approaches to the industry for students. 

Our Mission Statement

We are building a reliable quality education system and equipping individuals with the tools to achieve success in their industry of choice. We enroll to provide training that will allow students to pass licensure and become gainfully employed in the industry.

Above all, we encourage personal and professional growth. With our innovative techniques and resources, we can carry visionaries to the finish line. Our foundation is solid because it is built on encouragement, honesty, respect, integrity, and community enrichment.  #Erich

The Founder Behind 

"UnCut Barber Academy Inc."

As a prior Master Barber student of Savannah Barber Styling Institute in 1997, I saw it to be my privilege to continue what was started by Hezekiah Hudson Jr., the owner of this business. This school was one of the first five schools to become licensed to teach barbers in the state of Georgia. As of 2020, SBSI was the only remaining school of those five.

My goal in this new ownership of UnCut Barber Academy is to eradicate poverty by allowing men and women to have choices. Also, allowing them to become leaders in their communities and be apart of a great industry filled with successful barbers. I am thereby encouraging them to be responsible businesswomen and businessmen by being aware of their talent and financial power. These things are essential in a world filled with many uncertainties. We must be able to adjust and adapt to be in charge of our destiny. Within the books are the keys to knowledge and wisdom, the necessary tools needed to build a solid foundation in life endeavors. Over twenty-five years of experience in the beauty and barber world. I cannot express what this profession has done for others, but for me, it has allowed me the freedom to make concise decisions for my family without the unwarranted pressure of; what if I fail?  Remember, failure is growth with the gifted chance to try again. Never give up on yourself and those who depend on you. It is never an option you should take. Trust me turning back and retreating is an expensive learning experience you do not want to incur because your family is counting on your success. Do not sow the seed of doubt. Give it no place to grow in your plan to succeed.

-Be Great Queens and Kings.

What Students Say About Us

Come see what the buzz is all about in a fun, non-traditional learning environment. 

*We are currently offering the students the opportunity to exit debt-free and with no high-cost student loans to repay. Ask about our easy down payment and monthly payment plan.

Service Areas

Savannah, Hinesville, Midway, Jesup, Statesboro, Brunswick Georgia. Also, Bluffton, Hardeeville, Beaufort and Surrounding Areas

Our student body is of a diverse cultural background 97% of enrolled students travel at least 45mins-1 hr 20mins. to classes for the Barbering programs.

Contact Information 

UnCut Barber Academy Inc.

11 Gateway Blvd South Ste#30

Savannah, Georgia 31419

Call: 912-231-9534


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